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Developer Blog

November 2016

KDE: Because I had to reinstall my notebook I decided to go back, after some years, to KDE through Linux Mint KDE edition. It works fine and has more integrated tools. After some configuration it looks and works as I want.

August 2016

CodeDoc: After using JBT/Docker a long time I decided to create my own tool which creates documentation out of the code. It is based on markdown within the code files and above each methods which are transformed into HTML pages. A lot of languages are supported.

July 2016

CodeDoc: Starting to build an alternative documentation tool to the till now used JBT/Docker.

Linux Mint: I installed Linux Mint 18 based on Ubuntu 16.04 on my new notebook using the Cinnamon desktop. That was the logic consequence after using Mint 16 a long time.

May 2016

Formatter Module: This module has the ability to transform data structures or tables between different formats.

Table Module: To work and transform table based data structures I made a module which has different methods to do manipulations like sort, insert, join.. in an easy way.

April 2016

Utility Module: Extend the module with deep clone and extend.

Scripter: Base framework to make short CoffeeScript files runnable in an preset environment.

Mailman: Command execution based on IMAP mailbox. All commands are setup by easy configurations.

DbReport: Automatic reports based on queries to relational databases. The result is mostly send as HTML mail.

March 2016

Docker: Switch to newer version of the documentation tool which now uses MarkdownIT and therefore has more abilities to format in the documents. The transform of the custom styles used some time but I got it done.

February 2016

Handlebars: The default helpers are limited so I made a collection of extended helpers which make the language more powerful.

Development Site: The new site structure of my development site now contains an overview of my modules, some development guides and my personal blog.

January 2016

Atom: After using Sublime a long time I now switched to use Atom editor to develop. I had to invest some time to find and checkout the plugins I need to get a complete system supporting script development.

Dual Boot: I tried a lot to get dual boot working but after some problems I decided to better format my hard disk and only install Linux on it.