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Developer Blog

December 2017

React/Vue: I made a short comparison only based on the presentations and code examples of both and had a look over different modules using this. I find Vue more understandable and easy to use but need a component library to not create every element of the UI on my own.

November 2017

Angular: Using angular is at first very shiny with full fledged start packs. But after some times I got problems understanding and correctly working with all the magic behind it. So I have to look further.

Frontend: After a long time developing backend modules I now want to make a complete application including the frontend part and started checking out all the modern technologies in the frontend frameworks to decide what to use.

October 2017

TypeScript: It is growing really fast so I had to check it out. But as always I need to use it, not only test it. Therefore I decided to make the rewrite of an earlier unfinished server module using TypeScript. It was an success but with some problems till everything works.

Server Module: Started to continue the server module based on Hapi server. The basic works fine but a lot of modules have to be created...

September 2017

Config/Validator: Integration of config methods and conversion to JS + Flow from the old CoffeeScript sources was completed.

Flow: Use of Flow to get type safety in JavaScript is sometimes really tricky and hard to completely integrate.

May 2017

ES.Next: Learn to use the more modern JavaScript languages like ES6 and ongoing with the use of Babel as transpiler.

April 2017

Rust/Go Benchmarking: I did a comparison based on a simple web server serving a static GIF file. As Apache could deliver 12k/sec, Go using net/http did 55k/sec and Rust using Iron won with 77k/sec on my notebook.

WebObjects: Application which allows to step through relational database structures based on configured relations.

CodeDoc/Report: I got my CodeDoc module rewritten with an extended report module which also can transform documents from and to different modules. But it sometimes got stuck in transforming maybe in the heavy async parts. Debugging there was almost impossible because in step by step debugging it works.

February 2017

Rust: Before doing something using Go I now also tried some times to use Rust. As Go is something in between a core language and scripting I think Rust is really great but needs a lot of time to do it correctly. Also the community and module repositories are small at the moment.

January 2017

Go: As always I have a look on new emerging languages and I want to check out Go and its features to decide if I want to do some more with it.