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Developer Blog

Like described in my blog entry from December the GUI is still unfinished and should be made final, hopefully in 2021. I also hope to get further on with the checkup system. But I have so much more ideas, tests... and this is a thing which is really needed for practical use because I have no other tool doing this job as good. And what else may come, I don't know.

February 2021

Log Analyzation: I got the concept of log analyzation completed for the next release which will come in a basic version soon. The analyzation is splitted into three types. Event analyzation will check if or how often a specific event occurred in the given time range, progress will check the time of a specific event and data will check an extracted value from the log. In all of them I will use a flexible read from local or remote systems, event parsing, generalization, filtering and validation.

Checkup for Production: The checkup module in it's current form will go productive now. It should work as scheduler in the server using some linux tests. Reporting will be made into database with data analyzation through DbVisualizer or DBeaver. But there are also some bugs which will be fixed within this step.

January 2021

Scheduler for Checkup: An integrated scheduler was planned to be independent of an external trigger like the linux cron daemon. The integrated scheduler works each run within the same process, therefore supports caching and if called through server result reuse. The configuration could be made very simple and directly in the format of a linux cron tab. If scheduler is used on CLI it will run as a daemon but in the server it will work as a background process. At the moment the results will go into the server log or if configured into datavase store. See Checkup Scheduler for more information.

Rollout of new Doc Theme: I did test multiple solutions to also create pdf and found that mkdocs-with-pdf is the only one working and giving nice looking results (previously I used mkdocs-mk2pdf-plugin which won't work on gitlab). See it for yourself on the PDF of this site. I updated the mkdocs description to show how to setup it with this. Further I optimized the style of the dark theme and added math formula support to mkdocs. I will do the rollout together with some minor updates on all modules.