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ECMAScript 2019 (ES10)


The flat() method creates a new array with all sub-array elements concatenated into it recursively up to the specified depth.

const numbers = [1, 2, [3, 4, [5, 6]]];
// default depth is 1
> [1, 2, 3, 4, [5, 6]]


The flatMap() method first maps each element using a mapping function, then flattens the result into a new array. It is identical to a map followed by a flat of depth 1, but flatMap is often quite useful, as merging both into one method is slightly more efficient.

const numbers = [1, 2, 3];
numbers.flatMap(x => [x * 2]);
> [2, 4, 6]


The Object.fromEntries() method transforms a list of key-value pairs into an object.

const records = [['name','Mathew'], ['age', 32]];
const obj = Object.fromEntries(records);
> { name: 'Mathew', age: 32}

String.trimStart() and String.trimEnd()

The trimStart() method removes whitespace from the beginning of a string.

The trimEnd() method removes whitespace from the end of a string.

You can think why another new method already there are two method trimRight()and trimLeft() but it will be alias of above new methods

Optional Catch Binding

Allow developers to use try/catch without creating an unused binding. You are free to go ahead make use of catch block without a parameter.

try {
} catch {


The toString() method returns a string representing the source code of the function.Earlier white spaces,new lines and comments will be removed when you do now they are retained with original source code


The read-only description property is a string returning the optional description of Symbol objects.

Well Formed JSON.Stringify()

To prevent JSON.stringify from returning ill-formed Unicode strings.

Array.Sort Stability

Elements with same sort value retain their order. It now uses always the stable TimSort algorithm.

JSON ⊂ ECMAScript (JSON Superset)

The line separator (U+2028) and paragraph separator (U+2029) symbols are now allowed in string literals. Previously, these were treated as line terminators and resulted in SyntaxError exceptions.