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Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side Web applications based on the JavaScript language. This runtime is based on Google's V8 JavaScript engine which will interpret and execute the JavaScript.

Node.js main features are:

  • event-driven architecture
  • asynchronous I/O
  • suitable for web applications
  • real-time communication
  • handle thousands of concurrent connections
  • great package management
  • big community

Release plan

Each even number is a long term support version. So software I release is always based on LTS versions:

Version EcmaScript Release Maintenance End of Life
6.x End of Life ES2016 2016-04-26 2018-04-30 April 2019
8.x End of Life ES2017 2017-05-30 April 2019 December 2019
10.x End of Life ES2018 2018-04-24 2020-05-11 April 2021
12.x Maintenance LTS ES2019 2019-04-23 2020-11-30 April 2022
14.x Current Release ES2020 2020-04-21 2021-10-19 April 2023
16.x Pending ES2021 2021-04-20 2022-10-18 April 2024

See to have a look at how far the support of NodeJS goes for each specific element.