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The modules will help you to start developing your projects. They can sometimes be also used as CLI tools in bash script. I try to make them as general as possible, so they met not only my first use case but also a lot others, too.

Have a look at them and find out what you need and what not. Include them as needed. They are all written with TypeScript definitions, so if you can benefit of the TypeChecking and tooling help.

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Framework running powerful in-deep tests for standalone use or to enhance monitoring. It includes different tests like console/SSH linux, REST service, Simple Website, Data Structure, Process logfile checks or simulations. This should not replace the monitoring system but assist it by using these tests within it. Another use case is to use it for manual check and repair.

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Through the integrated alinex-datastore it allows to load and read data structures from different locations and additionally check and optimize the data structure. This is done using predefined schema definitions which are powerful and rule based. This module can be used to read configuration, call REST services and be prevented against injection.

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The data store is a in memory store for small to medium sized data structures. It allows you to read, work and write in different formats and sourcers. It can be used to display, access and modify specific data from various formats or convert between them. It supports protocols like file, sftp, http, https... with formats like JSON, BSON, XML, INI, properties and more also in compressed version.

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This is a collection of methods to work on JavaScript data structures which are a combination of objects, array and other data types. These methods are: clone to make a exact copy of the complete data structure, filter to access and transform specific elements and merge to bring two or more structures together using different merge methods.

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Multiple methods to make working with promises easier: delay, retry, each, map, filter and parallel

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The core module is a base for all of my alinex modules. It has some common methods which are necessary in nearly any of my packages.
It includes error and exit handler and also displays the logo, mainly used for CLI.

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Older NodeJs Modules

  • exec async execution control for other processes
  • fs enhancement of the node filesystem library
  • mail easy mail sending
  • media media file analyzation and manipulation
  • handlebars helper collection for handlebars templates
  • report easy report generation using markdown
  • ssh ssh port tunneling made easy
  • codedoc a tool to extract documentation out of code
  • table working with table like data